The Stunning Graffiti of Sevenoaks Park

A train journey to Grangetown station will give you great views of Sevenoaks Park, but the park’s most striking feature is hidden from sight. 

Nearly 10 meters of the wall is devoted to this eye-catching scene of a biker.

Seen from the train, Sevenoaks Park is a pleasant, but unremarkable sight; well kept grass is lightly carpeted with fallen leaves, two football goals stand unnetted at either end of a faintly marked football pitch and children play on the swings in a small playground.

However, the Eastern wall, along the top of which the train rides, is completely covered by jaw-dropping graffiti. The eye is instantly drawn to a mural of a leather clad biker racing down a street, bathed in neon pink and blue light, skyscrapers reflected in their visor.

William Woom, a local dog walker says that the artwork is always changing and being painted over. He points to a painting of Marilyn Monroe, “She didn’t used to have Chickenpox,” he says, referring to the red writing scrawled across the actress face.

Mr Woom approves of the graffiti, saying that it gives the kids somewhere to paint “other than the bus shelter”, and that the wall, which used to be known as the Great Wall of Greenstone, looks much better painted than green.

This painting of Marilyn is only the latest in a series of old pop-culture icons done by a local girl.
Overpainting Artwork
No space on the wall is safe from overpainting.
The entirety of the wall seen from a 90-degree angle.
William Woom and his dog Jess out for a walk.
The rest of the park is lovely in the autumn.
MK Crew artwork
A lot of the graffiti has a very 80’s neon look.