The Dock Feeder: The newly unveiled Cardiff canal gets a stylish new bar as its namesake

As the historic dock feeder canal of Cardiff opens to the public after 70 years, it also becomes neighbour to new businesses in the Churchill Way.

The Dock Feeder is a brand new bar which opened up beside Cardiff Canal

The manager of a new bar in Cardiff has described ‘the happy coincidence’ of this nautically named pub being located next to one of the city’s latest unearthed historical finds.

The Dock Feeder Bar opened on Friday, December 1 and has found itself next to the recently excavated Cardiff canal that has been hidden underground since the 1950s.

“We originally did not plan to open at the same time as the reopening of the canal. We have been in the making for the past three years and were not even aware of the canal being unveiled at this time” said Jack, the manager.

The three-floored bar in the canal quarter has a fascinating 1920s theme and is all set to kick off the holiday season with its Christmas décor and winter themed drinks.

The aim of the bar is to become a LGBTQ-friendly venue like the other sites in the Churchill Way such as ‘The Kings”, expressed the manager. The Dock Feeder also focusses on maintaining reasonable prices for its drinks and keeping it a student friendly place to rendezvous.

“I would consider our timing one of the wows of destiny,” said Jack referring to the coincidence of the bar opening. “But I wouldn’t want to take the credit away from the owners, they must have had a plan in mind.”

The new rustic bar has a wide range of drinks to offer and provides the perfect evening vibe.

The dock feeder canal has become the exciting new attraction in the Cardiff Capitol Centre and is making people stop and take a look at the historic uncovering. This has also worked in favour for the new, ‘bougee’ bar at the Churchill Way where its catching people’s eye in the city centre.

“We have had relatively great response since we opened three days ago,” said Tom, who is working as a bartender at the venue. “People still aren’t very aware of the place, they are simply walking in thinking it’s a restaurant, but instantly falling in love with the place.”

The Dock Feeder bar intends to create an inclusive environment with a significant level of exclusivity. Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome at this new rustic addition in the centre of the Welsh Capital.

“It’s so exciting to try this new place right beside the Cardiff canal. We didn’t even know that the place derives its name from the canal itself,” said one of the customers visiting.

Another visitor applauded The Dock Feeder, “We are in love with this new rustic bar, the staff and the interiors are very impressive.”

The Dock Feeder bar is the exciting new addition in the ‘The Canal Quarter’ and hopes to become people’s go-to place for a relaxed night out.