Vintage, Comes Back Again and Attracts Young People

Cardiff vintage clothing fair attracted many youngsters on November 13th. However, aren’t they supposed to go in for trendy fashion instead?

Last Sunday, a vintage fair was held at Portland House in Cardiff, and a lot of people flocked in this fair either to have a look around or go on a shopping spree. Among the participants, youngsters acted as the majority.
This event started at 11am on at Portland House, with dozens of stall owners showcasing sixty years of stock they have collected all over the UK. There was a wide range of commodities, including clothes, shoes, hats, ceramics and loads of ornaments. Most of them were on sale, as you could buy anything with only about 10 pounds or less, so every purchase was money well spent. With only 2 pounds entrance fees, everyone was welcome to have a fantastic experience of shopping in this fair.
In order to figure out the reason why this vintage fair successfully attracted so many young people , the organizer, a stall owner, and several visitors were interviewed for their point of views.

Emily, 23, organiser

Emily, one of the organizers of this fair, said, “We have been going for 11 years now. And I think trendy fashion and vintage fashion are quite similar actually, we can see that vintage is very popular and you can find things a bit more individual, you know, someone else ainʼt have the same thing. I think young people find vintage better sometimes, as it is really unique. ”
Jenny, stall holder

Jenny, one of the stall holders, was selling hats, earrings, and other ornaments. “I think vintage keeps you think of the past, for me, especially. I use a lot of childhood memories, and these are my inspirations. I am trying to get something for everyone and also the price, definitely, in this day and age, everyone cares to pay for cheap things. ”
Hannah, one of the visitors in this fair, shared some of her own thoughts about this fair as well.  “I wear vintage clothes daily, but it depends on my feeling, maybe for a night out. I think it is reworking old styles bringing old fashion back into the current day. ”
Morgan, a male student, was choosing a pair of jeans at one stall. “I think vintage fashion is a way for us youngsters to express ourselves, and it is quite unique and different. So I think it is a way to bring out your personality. It is more like a hobby, I donʼt focus on it that much, I just come and pick some clothes I like, but it is definitely coming back. ”
Sara, a Spanish girl, was having a short holiday here in Cardiff.  “This is my first time in a vintage fair. I love old fashion, so I thought it would be a good idea to have a look here. You can see a lot of people wearing things and styles from the past, so I think vintage is coming back. ”
The organizers run this vintage fair three times a year. Apart from Cardiff, it also takes place in other regions of the UK, including Birmingham, Leeds, York and so forth, having a non-stop growing appeal to the young generation.