Sports stars in Cardiff send money to Wuhan

Snooker players competing at an international event in Cardiff have raised thousands of pounds to help victims of the coronavirus in China.

Motorpoint Arena is full of audience. Credit: Yiwei.

Snooker players in this year’s Welsh Open Snooker 2020 competition are have raised thousands of pounds to support victims of the coronavirus in China.

Organisers of event that start on 10 February are donating £1000 every time a player scores a break of over 100 points and so far they have raised over £42,000. 

One of the tournament’s star players from China Ding Junhui believes that this is giving competitors and added incentive to rack up big scores. 

“Thanks to WST (World Snooker Tour) and all the players who contributed, this donation could help a lot and I’d like to do everything I can to help.” He had donated about 11,000 pounds personally to help the people who stuck in Wuhan. He said he is glad that the organization concerned about China, and the “Come on Wuhan” showed on the LED screen is quite incentive.

As the coronavirus impacts widely in China, there are 59,904 people diagnosed with the disease and 1,368 died so far. Now it has spread to the Europe and 9 cases are diagnosed in the UK.

The slogan in the Motorpoint Arena shows the attitude of players.

Even though there is racism towards Chinese in Wales, but they cannot represent the whole Western society holding a stereotype. “It’s a very good idea! I think the whole world should help,” said snooker fan Martin.

“Welsh people, everyone feels sorry to hear the tragedy. Players also want to achieve the goal to make the donation, and for future events,” Most snooker fans greet this decision and are expecting more century breaks than last year (81).

WST Chairman Barry Hearn and WPBSA (World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association) Chairman Jason Ferguson posted on WST official account and said: “Our hearts go out to everyone in China affected by the coronavirus, particularly the many friends, colleagues and partners we have there. Through many years of staging tournaments in China we have grown to love the country and forged many successful relationships.

Coronavirus has become a global epidemic, some myths about prevention of the disease need to be clarified. Protect yourself  wisely!