How to use the colour of the year to spark up your winter wardrobe

With the winter pushing the bright clothes to the back, here’s how you can use Living Coral in your winter wardrobe to add a pop of colour to it!

Pantone LLC is an American company, which is famousfor its Pantone Matching System, a tool for accurate selection and production of colour. Pantone came up with a numerical system to organise every colour and related shades to make colour matching and finding easier. The Pantone Colour System started over 40 years ago, and it is still the most popular colour matching guide that is referred to.

The Pantone Colour Institute, a unit within Pantone, started “the colour of the year” trend in 2000 and has been a trendsetter for the last two decades. The concept was createdas part of the branding and the marketing of the company. Pantone’s colour of the year is one of the most awaited excitements every year, and it influences several industries such as printing, fabrics, coloured paints, textiles, fashion, make-up and more.

The Living Coral represents the quickly diminishing coral reefs

The much-awaited trend is announced by Pantone every December and this year, it’s16-1546 Living Coral. It is a vibrant colour with hues of orange and pink and a golden undertone to it. Living Coral is used in the fashion and makeup industry all year long, andnow interior décor trends and other industries are also taking over.

This colour not only gives a warm vibe, but it also symbolises climate change. The declining number of corals reefs is a growing concern and to have that be represented as the colour of the year, sends out a strong message.

It represents the natural and authentic in today’s digital age, and the lively eye-catching colour sparks warmth and joy, which is much neededin this cold weather.

With the cold weather getting the better of everyone’s wardrobes and pushing the bright and summery clothes to the back, here’s a short guide on how you can use this spirited colour in your winter wardrobe to add a pop of colour to it and get with the summer spirit already!

1. Footwear 

For when it’s not as cold out, you can easily add a pop of colour to a simple black and white outfit by wearing footwear that is vibrant and sparks warmth.
Model: Giulia Bella
Heels: Armani
Where to buy it in Cardiff: Clarks

These coral coloured heels add a pop to a simple black and white outfit

2. Formal Wear

An every day work outfit can be easily transformed into chic while still looking formal with a colourful blazer. This outfit works comes together well because of the pink tones of the Living Coral that complements the grey pants and brown boots.
Model: Parul Agarwal
Blazer: Vera Wang
Where to buy it in Cardiff: Coco Blush (an independent store on Wharton Street)

Coral has pink and orange tones to it that work really well with browns and rusty colours

3. Dresses

Switch it up! Change up your winter wear with a simple dress. Keep it formal by adding a blazer or an overcoat and turn it casual by adding a button down shirt, a headband and some hoop earrings!
Model: Ananya Das
Dress: Globus
Where to buy it in Cardiff: QUIZ (St. David’s mall)

Change up your winter wear with a simple dress!

4. Semi-formal chic

A simple semi-formal shirt paired with grey trousers and a pair of boots adds a casual touch to the outfit! Add a headband and hoop earrings to make it look chic!
Model: Ananya Das
Shirt: FIG
Where to buy it in Cardiff: Apricot (St. David’s mall)

Go more casual with a button down shirt and grey trousers to make it look just as chic

5. Super casual

A super casual sweater with blue denims and a pop of red lipstick will definitely be a hit with your friends when you’re out and about, getting a cup of coffee!
Model: Janani Suri
Sweater: M&S
Where to buy it in Cardiff: M&S (St. David’s mall)

A simple look never goes out of style!

6. Scarves

You can never have too many scarves and a bright coral scarf like this one never hurt! Keep warm and pair it with a black or white overcoat and keep it chic with some silver hoop earrings and a mono-coloured top.
Model: Swathi Subhash
Scarf: Accesorize
Where to buy it in Cardiff: Accessorize (St. David’s mall)

A nice coral scarf such as this will pair really well with mono-colour clothing