Does the UK regret Brexit?

As the United Kingdom faces a number of economic crises and strikes here’s what people think about Brexit almost two years later.

The UK has experienced some of its worst economic crises since leaving the EU two years ago.

The United Kingdom left the European Union almost two years ago following a highly polarising referendum and has faced some of its worst economic crises since.

According to a recent survey by YouGov 52% of people in Great Britain opined that it was wrong to leave the UK, while 35% thought of it as the right decision and 11%-14% don’t know whether it was right or wrong.

The United Kingdom has seen a historic fall of the sterling against the dollar, rising unemployment, a cost of living crisis, a double-digit inflation rate, and unprecedented strikes.

With more strikes on the way, and as a harsh winter approaches during a cost-of-living crisis we asked people: Was the UK wrong to leave the EU?

Daniel Jones, 28, Electrician

“A hundred percent, I didn’t agree with it to begin with anyway. I thought it was the wrong move. I think it’s all the older generation I were pushing for it. I don’t know if any good will come of it, but at the moment nothing has come.”

Jim Ten-Bokkel, 71, retired Disabled Bathroom Fitter

“No, I think we should have come out. We’ve got our own government, our own got laws, so don’t abide by their laws. You couldn’t get stuff done. Um, too much bureaucracy out there. The reason why we are struggling is because they’re putting so many obstacles in our way.”

Martha Smith, 18, politics student, Cardiff University

“I think Brexit is a load of bollocks. I think they didn’t think about it in terms of trade. Yeah, trading with other countries and the cost of, I mean the whole cost of living thing is just completely in ruin. I think there could be economic benefits, but I think it would be very short-lived.”

Olivia, 21, Legal Assistant

“Yes, a hundred percent. We were in such a structured system and coming out of it. We don’t really know where we fall anymore. We’re just trying to make our own sort of system out of what we’ve got left.”

Dexter Chun, 21, law student, Cardiff University

“In terms of the economic crisis, I do not believe it’s part of Brexit. I believe it was you know, who’s actions. And in terms of Brexit, I don’t see any changes so far as it, I don’t feel. Because now we have a new Prime Minister… so far it looks very promising but I’m not sure.” 

Eugene Dudek, 71, retired Operations Manager

“Yeah, I voted for Brexit for one reason, I didn’t like the power that was going to certain areas of Europe, France, and Germany, particularly Germany. So, I think if the right people are there, there is an opportunity. You need somebody, with a strong financial background that knows the way the finances work.”