Kindness and community spirit is spreading along with coronavirus

As Cardiff prepares for more cases of coronavirus, some residents have created a group to support each other during the outbreak. 

People over the age of 60 are one of the most at-risk groups when it comes to COVID-19. Image: Sabine van Erp.

People in Cardiff are organising online to offer support for others hit by coronavirus.

The Cardiff Covid-19 Mutual Aid Facebook group was created by Philip Doré, who realised that no such group was set up for Cardiff.  

Philip said: “In terms of what we’re hoping to achieve, this is very much in its infancy, but people are already starting to set up smaller locality groups for their part of Cardiff, and we hope to do some door-to-door leafleting to let people know there’s a mutual aid group.” 

Almost 500 similar groups have been created within a few days, all around the country and there is an online database where people can check if there is such a group local to them.
Becky Wass from Cornwall designed a postcard which has since gone viral.

The official advice from the NHS is to remain at home if experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus such as high temperatures, shortness of breath, and a persistent cough.  

The elderly, which are one of the groups most vulnerable to the virus have been advised to maintain a distance from social activities. 

However, many people do not have measures in place to support themselves during a period of self-isolation.

The purpose of the mutual aid group is to provide a platform where residents of Cardiff who need assistance can reach out to volunteers. 

This assistance could take many forms. Some members of the group have offered to cook meals or deliver groceries while others have volunteered emotional support.  

Jared Walters, one of the volunteers said: “I think [you] will find that the biggest support people are going to need is emotional. Especially with people having to self-isolate or if we go through a lock down.

“I think combating the fear around this is going to be as much of a challenge as combating the virus itself.”