Protecting immigrants and refugees against racism and hate crime

Under the pressure of Brexit, the situation of anti-racism is not clear in the future.

Brexit will lead to serious racism and hate crime, according to a Cardiff campaigner.

The representative from Stand up to racism, Peter Edwards was talking at a community event that aimed to encourage more people to get involved in the national demonstration on 17 of March in 2018.

The treasurer of Stand Up to Racism, Peter Edwards says, “I think that’s the point is the huge majority in some people inside the society are anti-racist and we want to do something about the racist offensive.”

The anti-racism launch event tonight aims to carry out a powerful and influential parade.  Then, inviting more people who anti-racism in Cardiff to participate in the event and giving their voice to the public about against hate crime and racism.

“Obviously, there is a strong threat of racism on the part of mainstream life.” Peter believes the Brexit will have the significant effect on the situation of racism in Cardiff. “Leave campaigns and rest of it, one who wants to absolutely demonized and scapegoat migrants for economic problems inside of the country and to also attack Muslims as well from actually non-EU countries.”

After the vote for Brexit, the situation of racism has become more terrible. Peter says, “The different kinds of racist knowledge are happily accepted in the mainstream of politics today……. That was a victory for them and there was, of course, a tremendous spike in hate crime immediately after the vote.”

Peter mentioned an example of hate crimes after the Brexit. “There was an instant the reports are quite widely in a number of newspapers where a family of Egyptian origin had an area of the city was attacked in their home by some of the local residents from the nearby area,” says Peter.

The event about against racism in Cardiff has a strong purpose to support the people who under the pressure of racism and challenge the acceptance of racist ideas through the society.

The Stand up to Racism highly invite people in Cardiff to participate in the UN anti-racism day on 17 March 2018. The topic is March Against Racism.