Biomass Plant gets go-ahead despite air pollution concerns

A new biomass plant going ahead that maybe threaten local resident’s health in Splott, Cardiff

If the biomass plant being built, 75,000 tons of wood chips is expected to be burnt a year

Local residents are really concerned about air pollution and their health qualities as biomass plant gets go-ahead in the east side of Cardiff.

Cardiff councilors voted for the build of biomass plant at Rover way, Splott, Cardiff on meeting this week.

Friends of The Earth are one of the groups that have issued their concern toward this proposal, as claimed of contradicts the Cardiff Council air quality goals, also known as One Planet Cardiff.

‘This decision is incredibly disappointing as it flies in the face of local air quality concerns in a highly polluted area of Cardiff, as well as Cardiff Council’s One Planet strategy and our desperate need for a green and fair recovery.’ Says Gareth Ludkin, joint coordinator of Friends of The Earth.

The plan is in lack of consideration to the Gypsy, Roma, and traveler communities live next door and no baseline air quality assessments made to the already industrialized area, Gareth said.

Approving this plan means 200,000 tons of wood material a year to be used for generating power, despite collateral damages such as lorry trips to or from the site on a daily basis.

Moreover, it remains controversial as the carbon dioxide emissions created by the plant could contribute to climate change. ‘The closest monitoring station is on Ocean Way and without appropriate air quality monitoring immediately adjacent to the site we are concerned for the health of residents.’

‘Although more air quality assessments are required in the next steps, we are concerned that this will not be fair or representative of current levels of air pollution.’ says Gareth.

Biomass energy relies on burning timber woods as fuel and produce not only carbon dioxide, but also carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide which leads health conditions such as headaches, nausea, dizziness.

It is questioned the sustainability of importing wood in the plant, suggests that the effects on deforestation from having to ship wood pallets as one form of the supplement of fuel from abroad and domestic.

The safety of having plants in the small area, giving one existing and another proposed, seemed to be another bigger concern in spite of its pollution, such as PM2.5 emission.

Blueprint shows the place will be taken for biomass plant at Rover way (from: Cardiff Council)

Objections also came from Splott councilors. Local communities are working actively and closely with the city council before and after the meeting to figure out a more feasible plan for both city and the planet.