The unnamed forest trail: A stroll around Castell Coch

A peak into the perfect place for an immersive experience with nature, away from the city’s hustle

The leaves exuded the perfume of wet mud and rain.

Amidst grey clouds and cold winds, I was dropped off at Ynys Bridge, in the town of Tongwynlais. Call it my sudden urge to hop on an adventure or my sheer stupidity but I went into this with no internet and hence no GPS to take me to the exact place I was looking for.

Tongwynlais- A small quiet town with clusters on tiny house.

I left my house thinking I would go on the Burges’ trail Forest Fawr walk around Castell Coch.

I took the bus number 132 from Greyfriars Road in Cardiff. One could also take a train from Cardiff Central station and get off at Taff’s Well station.

I started walking from Ynys bridge, trying to follow the “Towards Castell Coch” signs. After a little unintentional on foot tour of the town, I could finally spot the gate that opened itself to the road which led to Castell Coch.

On the right side of the gate, was the beginning of what I thought was the Burges’ trail Forest walk, because it has little yellow arrows which according to my research marked the advent of the trail.

Autumn marked its presence with crisp and brown toned leaves fallen on the forest floor.

The initial climb is a little steep and subsequently quite literally breathtaking for a beginner trekker. But none of that mattered once I started walking deeper into this trail. Silence accompanied by the sound of chirping birds and water flowing at a distance. I followed the sound of the stream which led me to a small, thin stream of ice-cold water flowing by.

The stream makes for a great place for walkers to stop for quick breath as it is surrounded by big rocks to sit on.

It was great to see people there with dogs and little kids who would rather spend the afternoon climbing a few miles than sitting at home in front of a TV playing video games.

Most people there were with fellow parent friends rather than individual families.

After a 45-minute walk up this forest trail, I reached what looked like an open car park. In the middle of this area sits a massive wooden sculpture of a dinosaur.

The dinosaur sculpture is also known as the picnic spot of the location with wooden tables for visitors to unwind.

I thought that was the end of my trail and I was so happy that I completed it, but I spotted nothing google told me I would see. That’s when I went up to a sign which read “Go this way and follow the yellow arrows for Burges’ Trail.”

I had just walked all the way up to the starting point of the trail, but nevertheless it was such a beautiful and peaceful experience that I recommend this unnamed forest trail to anyone new to Cardiff.