Can you image living on Mars?

NASA’s Mars 2020 rover mission is on its way. Can we really move to and live on that mysterious planet?

  1. Dathad, 28, homeless, East London

No, I choose staying on our planet.

There’re new inventions, new diseases being cured every day. Who would want to go to another planet when there’s so much more on this planet?

Going to Mars in the future will be awesome. But at this moment it needs many years to go.

    2. John, 42, teacher, Cardiff

No, I like our earth.

It’s a silly idea to move to the Mars, a planet we don’t know. It is very hot on Mars, with fogs, not very nice air, and no trees! I like trees. They are the nature.

Why do they spend time, innovations and so much money on a planet we don’t know? Why don’t they spend these on people living on our earth?

3. Emily, 21, insurance consultant, Cardiff

I will say so, having an opportunity living on Mars.

It’s something we do need to think about. We haven’t discovered it yet. But they have found water and some sort of bacteria on Mars, I believe. It’s an interesting thing to discuss. But if I can choose, I still prefer staying on our planet.