Eticat: It’s like a ‘finishing school for felines’

Cardiff cat enthusiast believes her business could go global

A PENYLAN resident is offering remote consultations for owners of cats with behavioural issues.

Eticat was founded by Leigh-Catherine Salway during the first lockdown last March.

“If people have got problems with cats that are soiling, cats with anxiety or cats with aggression in a multi-cat household, I can deal with it,” she said.

Ms Salway’s video consultations are priced at £75 for one cat, £100 for two and £125 for three.

“If £75 is going to stop the cats fighting and stop vet visits being needed it’s money well spent.”

Mai Mai suffered from anxiety when Ms Salway rescued her (Credit: Leigh-Catherine Salway)

Ms Salway first began learning about feline behaviour four years ago after a rescue cat she adopted displayed anxiety. After years of offering free advice, she completed an online qualification and began her consultancy venture.

“Because I can work remotely, I consider it a business with global potential.”

Ms Salway lives with her seven indoor cats. Their names are: Mirri-Pop, Martha, Monday, Micah, Mai Mai, Bodie and Snoop Mogg (named – of course – after the rapper).

Snoop Mogg and Snoop Dogg (Credit: Leigh-Catherine Salway and Bob Bekian)

“I’m not sure why I gave them all names with the letter M. Years ago I had a cat whose name started with M so I decided to do it for all my animals.

“Bodie isn’t an M but if you see Bodie you’d know why.”

Eticat has a number of positive reviews on Facebook and Ms Salway says that she has had lots of success stories.

Brodie “The Bruiser” (Credit: Leigh-Catherine Salway)

“One stray cat had turned up to a house with cigarette burns all over and a pelvis break.

“He hated the other cat and was using the house as a toilet. The family was heartbroken by the thought of rehoming him but, after successful consultation, were able to keep him.”

Ms Salway said that cat behavioural problems often stem from owners rushing introductions between new and existing cats. She also advises her customers to use products such as ‘pet remedy’ that diffuse stress-relieving scent.

“Sometimes when I put my refills in I fall asleep on the sofa quicker than my cats.”

Scruffy – a cat Ms Salway has helped (Credit: Leigh-Catherine Salway)

Outside of her work as a cat behaviourist, Ms Salway works as a psychic medium. She says that her abilities aid her work as a behaviourist and definitely transcend species in this sense.

“For one consultation, I was able to tell from looking at a picture of a cat what was wrong with it and it turned out I was spot on.”

You can find out more about Eticat here.