Seven-year-old schoolboy starts petition for better playground

The play area in Sanatorium Park, Canton, has been described as an eyesore

A SCHOOLBOY has started a petition to improve the playground near his primary school.

Seven-year-old Rex Englefield-Morgans was so unimpressed with the play area behind Ysgol Treganna school that he decided to do something about it.

The playground, in Sanatorium Park, Canton has had all its play equipment removed and has been described as an eyesore by parents.

Rex said: “I want to play with my friends in a cool playground and I hate it looking so bad.”

Rex’s mum, Elly Englefield-Morgans, 41, of Springfield Place, Pontcanna, set up a petition on his behalf asking Cardiff Council to renovate the playground.

“The playground is directly behind his school,” she said. “He goes there with his friends after school and children from the other nearby schools also go there.

“Although the toddler playground is intact, he and his friends don’t have any play equipment and whilst they are happy to create their own games, it seems unfair that the play equipment has all been removed and not replaced.

 “It has been in this state for years!”

The petition now has 365 signatures and is well on its way to the goal of 400. The online response from supporters has also been overwhelmingly positive.

Elinor O, writing on the petition website you.38degrees, said: “Every time me and my family walk past, we despair at the state of it. I know many who would be overjoyed if the park was restored.”

While Cardiff Council have decided to renovate the playground in Llandaff Fields, there are currently no plans to do the same for the one next to Ysgol Treganna.

Ms Englefield-Morgans added: “It’s looked like this for a number of years, yet the playground in Llandaff Fields is being redone and it doesn’t need a refit.

“It seems unfair to those children living in the area around Sanatorium Park and those attending local schools. It’s sad nothing has been done, the space is an eyesore.”

The Cardiffian has approached Cardiff Council for comment.

Anyone wishing to sign the petition can do so here.