Rugby fan sprawled on taxi bonnet after Six Nations drinking session – and refused to budge

The M&S store worker would not leave the cab’s bonnet after police told him to get off

A MAN was found lying spreadeagled on a taxi bonnet after heavy drinking on the day of the Wales v Ireland Six Nations match, a court heard.

Anthony Thompson, 38, was watching the game on Saturday, February 4, on St Mary Street in Cardiff city centre.

Thompson, who works at the Culverhouse Cross Marks & Spencer, would not leave the taxi bonnet, after being asked to by police officers several hours after the match at 11.15pm.

He was arrested for drunk and disorderly behaviour, prosecutor Mike Curry told Cardiff’s Magistrates’ Court.

Choosing to represent himself, Thompson pleaded guilty.

“I apologise profusely, and deeply regret my actions,” he said.

Magistrate Shan Clark ordered Thompson to pay £85 to cover court costs and a £26 surcharge, totalling £111.

The retail worker, of St Margaret’s Crescent, Roath, Cardiff, who also claims benefits, offered to pay the full fine upfront and as soon as possible.

“Because you have expressed remorse, this will go away if you do not commit any other offences, of any nature, within the next 12 months,” said Ms Clark.

Thompson ensured that he would not be in the city centre for the Wales v England game on February 25.