Heath Park toilets and kiosk
Heath Park toilets and kiosk. Image: Poppy Atkinson Gibson

Lack of toilets at Heath Park forces visitors to wee in bushes

The facilities and kiosk have been closed on and off for years leaving disabled residents unable to enjoy the green space

HEATH park toilets have been branded “appalling” by visitors due to a lack of disabled access and intermittent opening hours that have forced people to wee outside.

Christine Pinnell who uses a mobility scooter due to a disability said that her disabled toilet key doesn’t work at the toilets.

She said: “I have to make absolutely sure that I’m prepared to come over here because I know there’s no toilets.

“It’s appalling. It’s not disabled friendly.”

Mrs Pinnell and her husband described having to warn their grandchildren, aged seven and nine, to go to the toilet before they leave the house because there would be no facilities when they arrived.

“They’re too old to want to go behind a bush now,” she said.

Ben and Barney, who didn’t want to give their last names, have been using the tennis courts for two years and travel from Splott and Fairwater.

Ben told The Cardiffian: “You shouldn’t have people weeing in public, it would be better to have a toilet opened. You never know who could walk round the corner.”

Heath Park toilets and kiosk were managed by a voluntary group but after they struggled through COVID the site was closed and it has not been permanently re-opened.

Verity Davies, a local resident who walks her dog two to three times a day, said: “It’s a beautiful park and you can’t enjoy it to its full extent.

“We’re so used to it being closed you don’t expect it to be open.”

Gillian Jack, who also regularly walks her dog in the park, echoed this.

“I have grandchildren who came over and it was locked and I had to go all the way home and it spoilt the whole afternoon. It does have an impact.

“I’ve been coming to the park for years and there’s never been any facility and it’s so random as to whether the toilets will be open or not.”

Coun Julia Sangani said the council was “looking into local partnerships and businesses” but there were no plans to have the kiosk and toilets opened permanently.

John Sadler, a Heath resident, said he had asked about taking over the kiosk and opening a café but was told he would have to manage the tennis courts and golf course (now closed) and that would be too much of a commitment.

Coun Mike Ash-Edwards said there were plans to open the toilets from Monday, February 27 for limited hours, overseen by park managers.

“We want to see a future where people provide refreshments but we need someone to take it on.

“It’s part of wanting to see Heath Park with good and maintained facilities and that is what we’re working towards.”