Sullie Burgess (left) and Roshan Devonish (right) canvassing for Project Climate Vote. Image: Sullie Burgess
Sullie Burgess (left) and Roshan Devonish (right) canvassing for Project Climate Vote. Image: Sullie Burgess

‘Apolitical’ Greenpeace are advising you to make your vote work for the environment at the general election 

They’re knocking doors all over Cardiff as part of their project

ALMOST 800 people across Cardiff and Swansea have agreed to vote for the party that Greenpeace says has the best climate policies in their manifesto.

“We’ve been really careful designing it to be apolitical,” Cardiff’s coordinator said of the project. 

Activists “still grieving” Labour’s abandoned climate pledge are knocking doors around the city according to Sullie Burgess, Cardiff Greenpeace coordinator. 

Those who sign up to Project Climate Vote will be sent party manifestos when they are released via email, alongside a rating of how green they are. 

Mr Burgess said participants are also encouraged to put a poster in their window so that people canvassing for political parties later in the year will see that climate policies are a priority for voters. 

“Hopefully our political parties will all have really great climate policies in their manifestos; that’s the goal. Oh and then follow through on them, of course,” said Mr Burgess.

So far, the group has knocked on doors in Roath, Pontcanna and Grangetown. It intends to reach as much of Cardiff as possible before the general election. 

Greenpeace climate vote campaigners, including Sascha Wilkes (far right) and John Parker (second from right). Image: Sullie Burgess

The campaigners often mention when door-knocking that Cardiff is the sixth most at risk city in the world for flooding as a result of climate change.

Mr Burgess said his main motivation for taking part in the project came when he began talking to his partner about starting a family last year. 

“I said to myself – gosh if we’re gonna have kids I need to be able to look them in the eye one day and tell them I did everything I possibly could to create a better world for them,” he said. 

Greenpeace go out on weekends, including match days – you might even get your door knocked on Super Saturday next month. 

John Parker, one of the activists taking part in the door-knocking, said that he was horrified there were still people out there who preach inaction on the climate emergency. “I want to counter that, however small the action,” he said. 

Another activist, Sascha Wilkes, said: “Something needs to be done to make politicians finally take the climate and environmental crisis seriously. If we sign up enough people they might at last start listening.”

The aim of Project Climate Vote is to get 1 million people across the UK to sign up to be a “climate voter”. 

  • People looking to join Project Climate Vote are encouraged to do so via this link