Stuart Cosslett (left) and Leon Pike (right) are the co-founders of One Community Ely. Credit: @onecommunityely on Instagram.

A new podcast all about Ely is set to be launched and residents can get involved

The people behind the project want it to ‘shine a positive light’ on Ely

AN Ely community group is appealing for help to start up a podcast for residents of all ages who want to share their experiences – and discuss how to help the area flourish.

One Community Ely say that they need resources and know-how to get their plans off the ground.

“We need equipment first of all, and a nice set-up. But the rest for me is straightforward. The people will make it what it will be,” said Stuart Cosslett, the director and co-founder of One Community Ely.

“We need to meet with people who understand how it works because it’s got to be done in a clean, professional way.”

Mr Cosslett said they are keen to get the podcast format right because of the impact it could have.

Mr Cosslett (right) spoke with TV presenter Jason Mohammad late last year about the One Community Facebook group and their plans for the community. Credit: One Community Ely.

The One Community group was set up by Mr Cosslett and Leon Pike in October 2023 to show Ely residents the grassroots work going on in the area.

They also wanted to campaign for councillors to improve public spaces in the ward.

Mr Cosslett grew up in Ely and works as a landscaper. He works on the One Community group in his spare time. The One Community Facebook page has nearly 2,000 members.

“We want to talk to people who are doing good in the area and shining a good light on Ely because you do read a lot of negativity,” said Mr Pike about the idea behind the podcast.

“We want to appeal to everyone and give people a platform.”

Mr Cosslett and Mr Pike spoke about the negative perception of Ely that some people have, and how “people are so used to being forgotten about”. Their hopes are that a podcast can be a “reflective but also proactive” way of showing what residents need.

“The reason why we want to do a podcast is because we want to give everyone in our community the chance to share their voice and broadcast that amongst others,” said Mr Cosslett.

“We know we’ve got a stigma attached to us in Ely. We’re not going to shake that but what we are hoping to do is shape as many lives as possible in a positive way. In doing that we can create a real surge of hope and optimism.”

Mr Cosslett and Mr Pike said Ely residents are “so used to being forgotten about”. Credit: Caleb Tutt.

One Community’s plan for a resident-led podcast is unique, with few other examples in Wales and the UK. The idea is helped by the “self-sufficient” mindsets of Ely residents. The podcast would feature all kinds of people from Ely and their different experiences and hopes for the area.

“The community is run by volunteers,” said Mr Cosslett. “Local businesses, church leaders, business owners, elders within the community.

“It can almost be another consultation process where you’re capturing opinions on what the whole community needs.”

The idea is still in its early stages, but both founders hope that with the right guidance, the idea can bring real benefits to one of Cardiff’s most disadvantaged areas.

“If it is done properly, it can have a really positive impact and resonate with a lot of people. The podcast is going to go some way, with the right support.”

“It’s all about empowerment. We’re going to utilise every means possible for the wider community to show what we see, hear, and feel.”

Those interested in contributing towards the One Community podcast, or following what’s going on in Ely, can find more information on the One Community Ely CIC Facebook page.