New baby mindfulness classes set to run at Canton centre

Sessions offer help in dealing with the stresses of being a new parent

MUMS and dads have been invited to a mindfulness centre in Canton offering help in dealing with the stresses of being a new parent.

The sessions will be run at Samye Foundation Wales on Cowbridge Road East on February 29, March 7 and March 21. The cost is £5 per session, and pregnant people and parents with babies under one are welcome.

Rosina Morrison, who will lead the sessions, has been teaching mindfulness for nearly 10 years. She says they will be ‘baby-led’.

“There is no such thing as bad behaviour in the classes. Babies do make noise and get upset and that’s okay. It will be responding to that.

“It’s about being in the present moment. When the present moment is difficult, it’s about remembering it won’t be difficult forever,” said Rosina.

It may seem unusual to link crying babies with a calm and relaxing environment, but co-founder Anthony Harris said: “Life is not always quiet and still. Mindfulness is about not being dependent of what’s happening around you.

“Of course, babies are sensitive to energy because the sense of self isn’t fully formed.”

Rosina said the classes would “try to offer an environment conducive to the babies feeling comfortable. Parents being grounded helps towards a contented baby”.

Having a baby can be a difficult and stressful journey. Rosina came across mindfulness when her children were young, and she realised that “taking care of myself is important if I’m going to take care of others”.

The Samye Foundation Wales runs many free meditation sessions throughout the week

Anthony is a practising Buddhist and said that compassion inspired all they do at the centre. “We don’t want people to suffer,” he said.

Samye Foundation Wales is a non-profit organisation and offers both the Buddhist ways of meditation and secular classes.

“Mindfulness is all about attitude. It is not what we say, it’s what we do,” said Anthony.