Wrong Direction hitting right notes

Wrong Direction released their second musical hit for Comic Relief last Friday.

The video has already reached nearly 5,000 views on YouTube and has raised over £1,000 for the charity.

Wrong Direction

Wrong Direction in their latest music video for Comic Relief. Image: St Cyres School

Members of staff from St Cyres School in Penarth created a music video inspired by East 17’s number one single, Stay Another Day.

The brand new £48.5 million school is equipped with state of the art technology, including a new drama studio and Apple editing software.

Richard Hopkin, music teacher and band member explains that it was amazing to utilise these resources for a good cause.

WrongDirectionSantas 480

Wrong Direction members teach a range of subjects including Music, P.E, Drama and Technology. Image: St Cyres School

In light of the band’s success, Hopkin jokes: “I’m the Gareth Malone of Penarth.”

Despite plans to only release one video, Wrong Direction is already preparing next year’s hit.