Vanilla bean comes to Cardiff

The Vanilla bean app is available on all apple and android devices

The Vanilla bean app is available on all apple and android devices

An app that aims to connect green businesses to green consumers in favour of one of the biggest trends in the food industry has gone live in Cardiff.

The free to use app allows diners to search for vegan and vegetarian restaurants nearby. Created by Grünzeug GmbH, a startup from Munich and Regensburg, the company aims to promote an eco-friendly society.

Restaurant indicators for special dietary requirements are also featured on the app making it easier for people suffering from certain intolerances to find somewhere to wine and dine. This includes gluten-free, lactose-free, organic, local and raw options.

The restaurant guide covers more than 1,800 restaurants in Britain, 38 of which are in Cardiff. Adam El-Tagory, owner of Anna-Lokka, a vegan restaurant in Cardiff said, “It’s essential to promote veganism on apps such as this in order for the development of society and the positive environmental impact it has.”

Co-founder of vanilla bean, Fabian Kreipl, developed the app because he wanted people to use natural resources in a considerate manner. He believes that in order to do this, software should be used to show people the importance of treating animals as equally important living beings. “I believe in a world where software is not only eating it, but it can also help transform it,” explained Fabian.

Fabian kreipl, Co-founder of vanilla bean

Fabian Kreipl, co-founder of vanilla bean

Fabian believes the app will be a great success in Cardiff in the coming years as it offers a great service that helps people make sustainable choices. Following its success in Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland and other cities in Britain, he aims to get the people in Cardiff on board to help him achieve his dream of saving the climate with plant-based food.