Will you change your diet because of the changing price of food for climate change and healthier life?

Government produced a plan for climate change issue and make people eat healthier by changing the price of food, but most people likely to keep their diet. 

The Welsh Government said a “decade of action” was required to climate change targets, that includes raise the price of red and process meat and lower the price of vegetables and fruits for easing the situation of climate change and make people eat healthier. However, most people are not willing to change their diet. 


Iven, 18, students in high school from south Welsh

“I am not sure if I will change my diet when they change the price, but I guess I will keep my diet which has meat and vegetable, just normal.” Iven, a high school student from south Welsh said “Also, it just a potential way to make people eat heather.” 

Nusir Ahmudcui 20 from Afghanistan,an employee work in a restaurant in Cardiff. 


“I don’t want change mine but people are making change my diet, I am eating more vegetable now, not just mine, the price of the red meat is already changed, that makes we need to change our price of food too, but people usually will buy what they want with a higher price.” Mr.Ahmudcui said “But I still think it is a right way to make people eat heather.” 

Jaxon from Cardiff, owner of a fruit store. 

“I’m not seeing any price of my fruits change so far, but I think people here is stubborn, like me, they won’t change what they want to eat, but if it is about climate change or let people eat heather, I will support that, just need to pay more and eat like usual then.” Jaxon said. 

Faiz 19 from Nigera, a college student in Cardiff. 

“I am not going to change my diet if the price of them isn’t changing in a significant way, I eat process meat sometime, so maybe that will not change, but what’s important here should be changing people’s mind about it, eat heather and easing the situation of climate change is important for them. ” Said by Faiz. 

Shane Powell, 30, Graduate student.


“It depends on if the price change significant, I may change it for avoid the extra fee, but I quite like meat, so, for me, it is like the price of sugar and alcohol. It’s more important that change the attitude of the public, let them be aware of the climate change. That might be a long-term job, but it will be helpful than just change the price.”