Would you watch a film with AI actors?

Artificial intelligence is making inroads into creative industries such as film and theatre. We asked people in the city how would they feel about a movie with AI actors in it.

AI are changing the entertainment business.

While people are debating whether children need advanced AI toys like the one in the film M3GAN, AI is already reaching out as an actor. Fast and Furious used it to bring back deceased stars like Paul Walker. which is at the very source of the Hollywood actor’s strike and concerns.

Most people used to think that artificial intelligence would only affect simple, boring, highly repetitive service jobs. However, the reality is that it is showing its moves in more creative works. 

AI has gone from digital figures to adept performers, leading more and more people to wonder if they will soon replace dazzling stars. With AI quickly becoming an integral part of the creative process, it means that the fate of actors has to be intertwined with that of the technology.

However, the success of the film industry will eventually depend on the audience’s preferences, let’s take a look at how people in Cardiff are viewing the change.

Leanne Rochefort Shugar, 52, festival organizer, Cardiff

“I wouldn’t watch a film with AI in it, I think it’s a bit absurd. You would lose the human experiences and that’s something only human actors can truly deliver. I understand that AI can be very helpful for students because my son used it a lot. But I worried more about people losing their jobs.”

Jason, 54, police officer, Somerset

“I understand there is a need for it, I am not so worried about AI’s impact because I think there’s too much about it. But I think it’s shamed that actors would be replaced by it.”

Ishe Rubaba, 20, student, Zimbabwe 

“I am a big fan of movies, AI actors are fascinating, they bring a new dimension to storytelling.”

“I was so surprised by the technology used to resurrect stars in the movie ‘Fast and Furious’. It’s very different from the traditional movies and it showed a technological progress.”

“I’m really looking forward to seeing more movies in the future where AI actors share the screen with human actors.”

Suwella Vanda Dcosta,30, nurse, India

“I appreciate the innovation of AI in films, but I prefer the real actors, nothing can replace the emotions and the authenticity that human actors can bring to the screen.”

Ryan, 22, student, China. 

“It’s incredible to see how AI is transforming filmmaking, I watch a lot of cartoons produced by AI voiced by real actors. It’s just impressive and makes the industry more charming. Sometimes the AI actors are so lifelike that you think they are real people.”