Should We Ban Religious Education in School?

In the modern society, what should we teach children to believe? God or Science?

A child is reading a bible

The lastest British Social Attitudes survey reveals that the proporation of British people who have a religious faith has decreased by nearly half compared to 30 years ago.  Humanist UK is also campaining against faith school recently, aiming for allowing UK to be a secular state without discrimination based on one’s belief. So whether should we teach children religious courses? Should we ban the religious education in school?

Let’s check out what people say about this issue.

Steve 68 Designer 

“Religion is a part of man’s brilliance, it gives us a lot of stabilities. From a young age, children can build up their own understanding of what other people believe and they develop the skills to be able to communicate with people.”

Nina 33 Civil servant

“All the children should have a wide knowledge about every religion and they can make up their mind until they get older. I think nowadays, there are so many religion diversities within Cardiff, it’s good for children to know a bit about every religion anyway.”

Bob 19 Student from CAVC

“Religion is the central of moral. More kids should be introduced into a religion at an early age. The question is some public schools are taking out religion away from kids and I think that’s they should worry about, 100%.”

Claire 53 Trade Union Advisor

“Religious education helps children understand various religions so that they can understand the differences, why it matters so much to people, how it underpins so much of their own culture and society, how it causes the problems.”

Henry 22 Student from Cardiff university

“There is no religious education in China and I think it is not necessary to teach it in school because there are too many students with different family backgrounds, but I accept to learn the history of religion in my university.”

Cayano 25 Service designer

“I am from Brazil and I believe Santo daime. I would like my children to have the option of seeing which religion is best for them after knowing everything possible within the cultural images.”

Mark 59 Bus driver

“Yes, they should be separated, school is not a place for religion, school is for education. Children should learn more about science but not religion.”