Tagged in time: an interactive experience of graffiti culture in Cardiff

Cardiff is home to the UK’s first graffiti shop, discover the depth of this underground art and its unique subculture. 

Cruel Vapours piece in Roath, Cardiff.

The explosion of urban energy that emanated out of New York City in the late 1970s has left its mark on artistic expression across the world, and the aesthetic of Cardiff is no exception.

Graffiti, considered ‘the written word of hip hop’, has progressed from vandalism to a flourishing art form that has inspired many avenues of urban expression.

Iconic walls, like the one next to Principality Stadium, reveal to the public a small glimpse of the little known network that embellishes the city, from back alleys to busy high streets.

Below is a map of the burners, tags, throwies and pieces that are painted across the city, a glossary of what those words mean, and a timeline of how this underground art scene developed.

Go fullscreen for a better experience. Green and red tags are the most iconic graffiti spots in Cardiff, be sure to click on all videos and photos.

For expert insight into graffiti in Cardiff, watch this in-depth interview with Keiron Jones, also know as the artist Ronny Oner.

Learn about the evolution of the art from this interactive timeline.