Do you think Prince Harry has been treated fairly by the UK media?

Prince Harry has won the right to sue the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday for gross privacy breaches. Is it time the media leaves him alone?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attend the Women’s Empowerment Reception. They are no strangers to being in the public eye. (Photo by Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images 2018)

Britain’s High Court has ruled Prince Harry and six other high-profile claimants, can proceed in their claim of “gross breaches of privacy” against Associated Newspapers Limited who publish the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday. 

These claims include allegations of hiring private investigators to gather information by listening into phone calls, dishonestly obtaining medical and financial information, and planting bugging devices in cars. 

Previously the Daily Mail tried to have the claims dismissed on the grounds that the legal challenges had been brought against them “far too late”, but now the Duke of Sussex has been given the go ahead with the suit.

We asked the public what they thought of this decision and if they think Prince Harry has received fair treatment from UK tabloids and newspapers throughout his life.

Neil Andrews, 65, retired

“He deserves what he gets, I really think he does. He shouldn’t be suing the newspapers. He should get on with his own life now, he elected to do what he wanted and now he can. He shouldn’t be getting any money from the papers; he needs to move on.”

Catherine Devonport, 24, tax advisor

“I think he should go ahead with suing the papers because he is not a celebrity at the end of the day, he is just a guy. Because they are the Royal Family they are always going to be in everyone’s eyes that is what makes it an unusual one, he cannot escape the media.” 

Lewis Brayden, 25, jeweller

“He is definitely targeted. He has become the go-to in terms of blaming someone when something goes wrong. But at the same time, they brought a lot of it on themselves. So, it is a catch 22 but as the British media does they don’t let go of something until it is done.”

Mark Reeves, 37, facilities manager

“Overall, in his life I’d say he has not been treated fairly because there is no question the media contributed to his mum’s death. The whole spectacle with Meghan Markle is the fact that she lives off the attention, that’s how she is rich so, if you want to get in bed with that demon you got to expect what comes with it.”

Sally Rose, 84, retired

“I think Prince Harry has been treated fairly, I really think so. I don’t think he should bother suing them myself, it is a waste of time. Overall, he has been treated fairly.”

Jason Zhao, 23, student

“I have seen some things on YouTube but not much more than that. I really don’t have a position on it because I just don’t know enough about the Royal Family because it is not really news back home.”

Ellie Welding, 24, legal administrator

“I don’t think he has been treated been fairly and Meghan Markle has been treated worst. He should definitely be suing them because I do think Meghan has been treated unfavourably but I have not seen as much about Prince Harry.”