Does drink spiking affect women going out?

Hundreds of drink spiking cases are reported recently, does it change women’s behavior?

After being spiked, young women may soon feel uncomfortable and slip into a coma.

Reports about young women who were injected then lost consciousness while drinking in nightclubs are seen everywhere. 

A girl from Cardiff University believes that she is a victim of a similar incident. South Wales Police also said they received some reports.

Young people across the UK are planning and participating in boycotts against nightclubs to push them to protect guests, including a protest campaign in Cardiff.

We asked women whether these incidents have changed their behaviors and what should nightclubs and local police do.

Marica Kavanagh, 28, Student

I used to love living in Cardiff and now I’m contemplating once I finished just to go and do my master’s somewhere else, because I really, really don’t want to be around this kind of environment.

Naomi Cornwall, 40, A nurse and a mother of a student girl

I am careful with my drink. Because I’ve learned. It’s always happened, drink spiking used to happen when I was younger. You just got to be more aware and look after your drink and be responsible for it as well.

Mollee Lewis, 24

I would leave my drink on its own and come back to it. But 100% I wouldn’t be doing that. And I definitely wouldn’t be wanting to get in crowded places, like on the dance floor. Probably I won’t want to get in the middle of that anymore.

Eleanor Mahoney,18, Student

Walking past the homeless shelter and different things, it makes you feel really unsafe. I work in a bar as well. There’s a lot of people who seem to think that you’re just your property and they can just walk up to you and take something or just make you feel uncomfortable.

Ayan Hassarn, 18, Student

I usually put my headphones on. But now I don’t put my headphones on so I can hear what’s going on. And I have this (a small siren hanging around the neck).