How do you think about teenagers vaping?

Nowadays, there is a gradually increasing number of young people vaping, who believe that it will be healthier than traditional smoking. But vaping can also be addictive and affect their health.

Many people are vaping on the street which seems to be a common phenomenon.

According to the King’s speech, vape tax for next generation is confirmed. The government announced a new tax on vaping as it pushes ahead with plans to ban vaping among the younger generation.

Ministers are considering a new tax on e-cigarette use as part of a larger effort to create a “smoke-free generation” that also involves gradually instituting a complete ban on vaping among young people.

The King’s speech states, “If we want to change the direction of our country and build a better future for our children, that means tackling the single biggest entirely preventable cause of ill health, disability and death: smoking.”

To ban teenagers vaping, shop owners in Liverpool fined thousands for selling vapes to children. Under this circumstance, we took to the streets to ask what were their opinions about teenager vaping.

Tom, 18, Student

“I think vaping is a better alternative than smoking, and young people do it more for the style and to fit in. If government wants to take actions to ban it, teenagers will do it either way. And some black markets problems may show up.”

Mark, 62, Working in Club Ice Night Club

“I think teenagers vaping is totally awful. I get three daughters in their twenties, and I will definitely not allow them to do it. I mean it is bad for their health.”

Youssef, 24, Salesman

“We get people from age 21 to 27 that the majority people to buy vape, and we have to check their ID first before we sell products to them. We will not sell vape to people who are under 18 years old. Because we have to follow the rule.”

Rose, 60, Retired

“Banning teenagers vaping is a good idea because they will get addicted to it. And people are vaping basically everywhere and smokes are everywhere. I don’t like it.”

Bart, 39, Learning development consultant

“Seeing young people or young generation doing that, I don’t think vaping is right. They are too young for their age which it’s not ideal for them and for their future lives. It’s a bad habit. Teenagers vaping must be banned.”

Euan, 21, Intern

“I might not be the right person to judge, but I think it’s not just about their healthy problem. It also costs money to buy it, especially vape tax may rise in the future. “