Going cashless: How to help homeless people in alternative ways

Have you ever wondered how to help homeless people without change? Here are four simple tricks that could change someone’s day.

Since the start of the pandemic, less and less people have been carrying cash on them, to avoid spreading the virus and contaminating themselves and others.

According to a recent study, over 50% of Britons have changed their transaction habits during COVID, carrying less cash and notes on them.

But what do you do when someone asks you for change on the street, and you don’t have anything in your pocket?

We spoke to Ellen Bryant, who is a Volunteering and Inclusion Officer for the Huggard Center, and to Gary, who is homeless. They gave us some insight on how to make a positive difference when helping the less fortunate.

Tip 1: The most important tip is to not assume that you know what a homeless person needs. You should ask and then offer your help if needed. That could be by buying them a meal at Tesco or offering a pastry from Gregg’s.

Tip 2: If you are really passionate about helping the homeless and you think you should do more than buying them an occasional meal, consider donating food or clothes to a shelter or homeless centre.

Tip 3: Feel like you have a lot of extra time on your hands? Then volunteering is for you. According to Ellen, all skills are welcomed, and donating your time is the best thing you could do to help.

Tip 4: No matter how you decide to help, always treat the homeless with the respect they deserve. Talk to them about their day, look them in their eyes, and smile at them.