Is it a good thing to ban smoking by law?

The government is set to introduce a historic new law to achieve the aim of smoke-free generation. We asked people if they agree with this policy.

A convenience store with an cigarette AD decorating the door

Smoking is the UK’s biggest preventable killer – causing around 1 in 4 cancer deaths and 64,000 in England alone – costing the economy and wider society £17 billion each year.

Government trying to build a smoke-free generation by rising the smoking age by “one year, every year”, which means it will be illegal for anyone born after 2008 to buy a cigarette in the end.

Krugir, 64, barman

“You got absolutely no chance to let everybody give up smoking. Banning smoking is good for teenagers and kids, but not for me. I enjoy smoking, I’m gonna crazy if I can’t smoke. And I think it’s impossible to ban cigarettes at all. People always love to do what they’re not supposed to do.”

Colin, 63, train driver

” It’s a free country, so why should the government stop smoking? But I do agree with this fear in mind because there’s so many kids smoking and they don’t know the danger of it. They just follow the trend and don’t have the judgement. What I can do is not smoking when with grandkids and things like that.”

Colin, 42, security

” I agree with it. I think it’s it gonna be some big cases and people can see the danger of smoking, it is a killer. Some teenagers smoke just for flaunt or something like that and the don’t know what is all about. But I also agree that adults can smoke, but just outdoors. I think it should be 25 years of age to smoke, just like the alcohol.”

Sasha, 27, business assistant

” I think it’s a good thing. Because I used to smoke and I know it’s harmful. You can see a lost of young people on the street smoke now and it just seems really unhealthy and also it’s not very good for the planet environment.”

Jayna, 54, assistant account

” I agree with that although I smoke myself. It’s bad for you, It kills you. If it was invented today, it will be banned straight away. It’s really harm to people’s health.”

Daniel Adams, 35, official assistants

” Absolutely even though I smoke myself. Ill concerns my child smoking. So if there has a low to ban teenagers smoke, I would definitely agree with it.”