Are you excited about the upcoming World Cup in Qatar ?

The 2022 World Cup finals will begin in Qatar and Wales will play against the United States.

There will be 32 teams participating in the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

This is the first time in 64 years that Wales have reached a World Cup final and it is a historic moment. Wales last competed in 1958, with the team making it all the way to the quarter-finals before losing to Brazil.

Wales manager Rob Page announced his World Cup squad, selecting nine defenders, eight midfielders and six attackers for the trip to Qatar, making it a more defensive-heavy team than in 1958.

This is a a great event for fans all over the world, but this World Cup was also controversial since Homosexuality is illegal in Qatar and many immigrant workers had died here.

The Qatar World Cup also suffered protests: captains of England, Wales, and eight other teams will wear “One Love” armbands to protest against Qatar’s anti-homosexuality laws.

However, FIFA’s response to the participating teams is to ask them to focus on football: ” Please do not allow football to be dragged into every ideological or political battle that exists.”

In view of the specialty of the Qatar World Cup, we are very curious about the attitude of people in Cardiff towards this World Cup: Are you excited this World Cup—It is historic for Wales, but also a controversial one?

Sam ledgerwood, 31, barber

“ Welsh is the group I’m most looking forward to. But I’m a little bit conflicted. It’s like I I’m a gay man myself, but i’ve always watched football. I think I am going to watch it, but like one of the boys I play football with said, they’re gonna watch it on like streams online. So it doesn’t show up on the viewing figures, but I guess that doesn’t really take away from the issues that are going on over there. I feel like they really shouldn’t have been awarded the World Cup in the first place at all.”

Colin, 61, owner of bookstore

“I’m interested in the England and Wales game. I support England, but I know Wales are quite good. I know there are various human rights issues in Qatar, especially the foreign laborers. These will take time to resolve.I’m still kind of looking forward to it.”

Connor Gibbs, 27, supervisor

“I am not a fan. I have a friend who lives in Qatar and he is transgender, but his rights are not guaranteed in any way. I don’t know anything about football, but I have quite strong opinions about Qatar. I feel like get the notion go ahead for a lot of people.”

Zhiying Deng, 23, student

“I’m kind of a fan because my brother is a crazy fan and he’s always telling me about that. I don’t know about the Qatar controversy, but I think football should just be a sport and not have anything to do with other things.”

Kalpana, 43, cashier

“I’m a huge football fan. My first team I support is Liverpool, and the second one is Cardiff city. Those questions might have a little bit of an impact, but I’m still very excited. I want to see the Welsh team play as well.”