Should we be doing more to promote cycling in Cardiff?

We asked people in the city if the new cyclist and pedestrian bridge is really necessary

Photo by Viktor Keri on Unsplash

The Cardiff council recently announced that it is planning to build a cyclist and pedestrian bridge over river Taff. The bridge will significantly decrease travel time for people living on the Cardiff bay side and will also prevent them from having to go around the A4232 highway.

Previously, the Cardiff council has been accused of blocking actively used cyclist paths with council vans and construction setups.

For a long time now, cyclists have urged the council to build additional infrastructure to promote cycling which could help reduce traffic congestion in busy areas of the city.

We talked to people on the streets of Cardiff to find out what they think about the council’s plan to build a new bridge for cyclists and pedestrians and if its really necessary.

Matthew, 37, Government employee

“I think that it is a good idea, it will help those living on the Cardiff Bay side of the river to have easier access to the supermarkets and shops on the other side of the river. Cycling is a good idea to promote good health and reduce the use of cars. So in that area, I would be in favor of it.”

Dexter, 20, Student

“Every weekend, I kind of have that fear that one day, I will end up in a box. Because those cars, they are driving super fast, and there is me and my bicycle. It’s a good long term investment. But if you are looking at the current issue, Yeah, I do agree that we should focus more on the economic crisis rather than building stuff or else it will be like Sri Lanka.”

Lewis Turner, 24

“I literally, I live in the Cardiff Bay. I think it’s a great initiative, and to definitely save me time coming to work every morning. I’ve got a car, but I don’t need it. I use the bike every single day, cycling is more sort of a healthy way of living up here, rather than just getting in a car and just driving to work.”

Mike Gaunt, 27, Physiotherapist

“I have  been on that busy road before. I think I have punctured it there before as well, because it’s pretty crap terrain. But yeah, on the whole thing is a good idea to speed up time and you are safer. And I think cyclists need more infrastructure here as compared to other European cities”

Waleed, 21, Student

“This is actually a good idea. And I think it will make the transport easier for people who walk and ride bikes. cycling is good for your health, it is good exercise and the council should encourage people to take up cycling”