Splott roads close tomorrow as play centre protest hits the street

Parents and children campaign outside Splott Play Centre

A campaign to save a play centre in the Splott area is gaining momentum and protesters are planning to close Tweedsmuir road after school tomorrow before demonstrating outside County Hall on Thursday.
“If they close our play centre our children will end up hanging out with older kids who are drinking and taking drugs,” said Annelise Shanahan from Friends of Splott Play Centre.
“We are one of the most deprived areas in Wales and between 70 and 80 children aged between five and 12  come here everyday,” she said.  “If they don’t come here where on earth are they going to go?”
Many of the children have written letters of protest.
The play centre has been open since 1992 and is hugely popular as an after school club.
“During school holidays we cook breakfast and do £1 lunches so we know the kids have at least one good meal,” said Annelise.
“What on earth is going to happen to them if there is nowhere for them to go.”
Cardiff Council have told the centre it will have to close by March 31.
Campaigners will close the road outside the centre tomorrow and are planning to demonstrate outside County Hall on Thursday.