Singing funeral director saves St David's Day for the people of Splott

The streets will be alive with the sound of music in Splott today as a singing funeral arranger has come to the rescue of a luncheon club which had no singer for a Saint David’s Day party.
When news about the lack of an entertainer was reported in this newspaper the Moorland Community Centre in Splott was inundated with calls from singers from all over Cardiff offering their services.
Carwyn Crossman, 29, who works at James Summers & Son Funeral Directors in Newport Road, Cardiff, heard about it and one of his colleagues volunteered him for the job.

Carwyn Crossman performs to the Splott luncheon ladies

Every weekday around 50 pensioners attend the luncheon club where they receive a hot two course meal with tea or coffee.  Today the club is holding its annual St David’s Day celebration. Lamb cawl and Welsh cakes are on the menu.
But organisers really wanted somebody to sing a few Welsh songs to entertain the lively regulars of Splott.
“I would be delighted to sing a few Welsh songs for them,” said Carwyn, who arranges funerals for people in the Cardiff area.  “I have been singing since I was four and I will have them dancing in the aisles and singing along with me.”
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Carwyn Crossman has saved Splott’s St Davids Day party

That might be a challenge for somebody used to singing funeral hymns for customers.  “If the singing is too shy at funerals I stand at the back and boost the chorus,” he said.  “People in Cardiff are afraid of singing, I am from Ceredigian and we are used to absolutely belting it out,” he said.
Carwyn is a tenor and is used to choosing Welsh hymns for funerals as part of his working day.
“I am not sure what I will sing yet, but I have already had a request for Calon Lan so that will definitely be in my repertoire,” he said.
The club is run by Dorothy Templeman from Splott, who said: “We have been snowed under with calls this week with offers from singers. Singing must be very much alive in Cardiff!” she said.
Carwyn Crossman with luncheon club organiser Dorothy Templeman

The luncheon club is a very popular and active project in the Splott community.  They have recently had a St Valentine’s Day party and after the St David’s Day celebration today (Friday) plans will get underway for the club’s annual St Patrick’s Day celebration.
“We are so impressed with Carwyn that we have booked him for the St Patrick’s Day party as well,” said Dorothy.
Carwyn is already learning the words of Oh Danny Boy for that night as his Welsh funeral hymns may not go down well with Irish stew and Guinness!