Ten things to make you extremely happy in Cardiff today!

Are you smiling uncontrollably without knowing why? Of course you are, it’s International Day of Happiness – you knew that, right?
Flashmobs are occurring in cities all over the world in order to promote the day of happiness, including Milan, London and Washington. While the closest happiness flashmob to the Welsh capital is occurring a stones throw away over the Bristol Channel, there is no reason why Cardiffians can not experience happiness in bountiful measures.
Here are our 10 things you can do in Cardiff to keep that smile going all day:
1. Visit a suspended coffee shop.

Suspended coffees at the Boardroom are a perfect way to kick off a day of happiness

Located in Duke Arcade, the bohemian skate and surf theme Boardroom Coffee Shop is the perfect place to receive a smile-inducing caffeinated kick. While you’re there, purchase a suspended coffee – the advanced purchase of a coffee for anyone in need. As Mark Twain once said, ‘the best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer someone else up’.
2. Watch the solar eclipse from Cathays Park.
Amid the hustle and bustle of a busy city, Cathays Park provides the ultimate serene escape to indulge in nature and observe todays solar eclipse – said to be the first complete total eclipse since 1999.
3. Collect your thoughts in Roald Dahl Plass.
Roald Dahl Plass provides happiness in a scenic setting 24 hours a day

Located along the coast at the foot of Cardiff bay, the sea air provides the perfect dose of soothing relaxation. How could you possibly not feel happy in the public space named after Wales’s most decorated writer.
4. Admire the city’s street art.
The streets of the city are awash with vibrant colour

Cardiff is full of it, and, if you haven’t yet seen it, where have you been? Thanks to the Empty Walls project, among others, the streets of Cardiff are adorned with colour. If that isn’t enough to make you happy, nothing will.
5. Taste the delights of a Clark’s pie.
Pleasure in the pastry

‘One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well’, once said Virginia Woolf. We’ve already consumed a Boardroom Coffee, but when it comes to eating there is only one quick fix to guarantee digestive happiness – A Clark’s pie. With over 100 years of Welsh baking, they are the nation’s favourite for a reason.
6. Venture into Cardiff Market.
A timeless classic? Cardiff Market has been a source of happiness for centuries

Nothing brings a smile to the faces of people more than living history, right? Originally the site of Cardiff Gaol, the gallows were located on the site of the current St Mary Street entrance. Opened as a market in 1891, taking a trip back in time to the age-old structure offers the delights of quirky food stalls, family owned fabric companies and a fishmongers, once famous for selling the meat of a 20 foot long thresher shark.
7. Explore mythical Castell Coch.
Castell Coch at daybreak, looking fresh from the scene of a fairytale.

Everyone knows about Cardiff Castle at the heart of the capital, but how many of you are aware of the enchanting Castell Coch, just a 15 minute drive from the city? The fairytale-esque, 19th century Gothic Revival castle sits atop the village of Tongwynlais and is sure to bring happiness of mythical measures to all who visit.
8. Delve into the Taff Trail.
The Taff Trail is engulfed in beautiful woodland

An emerging trend here seems to be nature bringing happiness, hardly surprising as Cardiff has more green space than any other city in Europe, per head of population. In that case, nothing ticks the boxes more than the Taff Trail. Making the most of former rail routes, the Taff Trail allows you to walk or cycle through 2000 acres of parkland. Spending your International Day of Happiness with Mother Nature, what could be better?
9. Take in The Cardiff Story.
The old tale is told in the city’s oldest library

Based in the old library building on The Hayes, the Cardiff Story allows you to discover how the city transformed from the small market town of the 1300’s to one of the worlds biggest ports in the 1900’s, then emerging into the world famous metropolis it is today. Continue your happiness buzz with a walk down memory lane and beyond.
10. Hit the white water.
Happiness in the form of exhilarating white rapids

The bay isn’t just a pretty sight, it’s also home to Cardiff International White Water – an action packed water sports activity centre brimming with adrenaline evoking rapids. Crashing through the fast flowing water, a stones throw from the picturesque Wales Millennium Centre, happiness doesn’t come in much more organic, albeit slightly damp, forms.