Bag burglary during dinner shocks Canton woman

A WOMAN is appealing for help to find her bag containing cash and personal possessions which was taken in a Canton burglary.

Angela McKenna was eating dinner in the living room of her home in Cowbridge Road East when a burglar came in through the back door and stole her bag from the kitchen.

Inside the bag was £350 in cash, a £270 Samsung Galaxy tablet and personal possessions including her driver’s licence, business diary, hospital appointment details and gift cards.

Angela, who runs Venn Tailoring in Llandaff, said: “I don’t normally carry around £350 in my purse but we had cashed up that day and had a better day than normal.

“My whole life is in that bag. My diary is my Bible, I keep a record of what’s going on with the people that I work with and it’s full of appointments. I now have no idea who I’ve got to see.

“I also had letters from the hospital in my diary.”

Despite the importance of the bag, it was the presence of an intruder in her house that has concerned Angela more than the burglary.

She said: “I was on my own watching television in the living room waiting for my husband to come home, when I heard the back door go. I thought it was my husband coming from work and when I didn’t hear him I went to the kitchen and the bag was gone.

“You think to yourself, the cheek of them, they could see that the lights were on and they knew someone was in the house.

“I think the thief was targeting the shed and took the chance to look through the window and saw my bag. The frustrating thing was it was completely avoidable, I could have locked the door.”

Angela is hoping that someone may find the dark leather messenger bag and return it to her.

Inspector Steve Trigg, from South Wales Police, described the incident as a “creeper burglary” and confirmed there is an ongoing investigation.

He said: “It is an opportunistic offence, it only takes a couple of seconds to walk in and take an item.

“People can contact a Police Community Safety Officer to get a house safety check. They can also consider joining or forming a neighbourhood watch.”

Angela appealed to anyone who may find her bag. “I would dearly like the bag back as it was a gift. Please take a look in your wheelie bins and back gardens for a dark brown thick leather messenger style bag with flap,” she said.

“I realise it’s very optimistic of me, but you never know. Hopefully I’ll receive good news.”

If anyone has seen the bag, they can contact Angela at Venn Tailoring on 02920 388810. Anyone with information about the burglary can contact the police on 101.