Young people unite to solve community issues in Riverside

Riverside's community warehouse
Riverside Warehouse where young people are discussing community issues

RIVERSIDE youths have teamed up with councillors to tackle local issues.
“Riverside Futures” is a community action group formed by two youths, Joel Britton and Raheem Ahmed, and community organiser Ali Abdi.
The group’s first official meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 17 at 1pm in the Riverside Warehouse, on Machen Place.
Mr Abdi, from Riverside, said: “The group is about making Riverside a better place for young people.
“We are a forum of young people trying to help other young people by meeting with our elected officials to tell them what we would like to see following consultation with young people from the local area.
“We feel the area has been neglected and lots of council cuts have affected the youths, mainly because we are silent and do not engage in politics and with politicians. We recognise what we have to do and plan to step up and be heard.”
The group have set up accounts on Twitter (@Rsfutures) and Facebook (Futures of Riverside) in the hope of gaining support.
Mr Abdi said: “They are a bunch of lads who wish to do good in their neighbourhood. They have met with their local councillor Caro Wild on numerous occasions and he is supportive and happy to meet them again following the consultation.
“Then they can discuss the outcomes of what young people want and how they can work together to address the issues raised.
“After Wednesday’s consultation we will have a better idea of the interests, issues and governance of the group.”
Children and young adults in the community are welcome to attend the meeting on Wednesday afternoon where there will be free food and drink for those who attend.
Councillor Caro Wild said: “It is wonderful that young people are getting involved in helping the community to solve their issues. There are a select few young people who have set up this group and I am immensely proud of them.
“Of course, Ali Abdi has managed to gather loads of people together for this meeting at the Riverside Warehouse. I look forward to meeting everyone at the meeting tomorrow.”