Council in talks with Bluebirds over rubbish in Jubilee Park

AFTER years of complaints about rubbish in Jubilee Park, councillors are going to meet Cardiff City Stadium employees to discuss future clean-ups.
Residents have been upset about rubbish left in the park after football games and how long it takes the council to clean it up.
“There are glass bottles that are smashed just outside the gates. And with the glass on the floor, you have to watch your dogs and your children. What happens when they fall over?” said Mike Hanlon, 69, who lives in Canton and regularly walks his dog in Jubilee Park.
The meeting about how both parties can improve the situation will take place in the next two weeks.
This comes after The Cardiffian reported the issue last month. Most of the litter is dropped by football fans, but the park is council property.
Councillor Stephen Cunnah, a Labour councillor for Canton said: “If I held a party at my house and my guests spilled out into the street and left litter all over it, I would feel a moral responsibility to tidy up that rubbish or I would be ashamed to see my neighbours.
“A number of residents have consistently complained to me ever since I was elected, as well as Canton Rugby Club whose juniors play on Jubilee Park.”
“I have had people who are not from Canton contact me after a match to tell me how bad the litter was. It is frankly embarrassing.”

Residents have complained about the rubbish for a while, but some have claimed it got worse after Cardiff City reached the Premier League last summer.
Michelle Ford,49, lives in Canton and regularly walks through Jubilee Park to go shopping.
She told The Cardiffian that she thought the council was doing a good job cleaning the park on non-match days.
“Normally it is fine, it is just bad after match days. The bins are always overflowing, and there is rubbish everywhere,” she said.