The Cardiff coffee shop helping make the world a better place

Profits earned by Bigmoose Coffee Co. go towards homelessness, mental health and suicide prevention

BIGMOOSE Coffee Co. is a father-daughter run café who donate their profits to local charities and host events to support local businesses.

After the passing of his friend Gary, the owner Jeff Smith, alongside his daughter Chloe, decided he wanted to make a difference.

The father and daughter duo started their work in 2014, initially by volunteering in local homeless shelters.

From this, the Bigmoose Coffee Co. was born in 2017, as a non-profit organisation providing local charities support through its sales, and local business support through events at the café.

On Thursday, Bigmoose are hosting the ‘Cardiff Indie Christmas Night Market’, an evening of independent Christmas shopping at their café.

Bigmoose are hosting the Cardiff Indie Collective for the event, which boasts 15 different independent stalls, live music and mulled wine.

Grace Corcoran said: “The aim is to support local businesses in Cardiff, who are coming down to sell loads of cool stuff.”

The event is taking place from 17:00-21:00 on Thursday, at the Bigmoose Café on Frederick Street in the City Centre.

Operations Manager, Grace Corcoran, 23, said: “People can come to Bigmoose and say that they’re suffering with their mental health, then we can offer them support and counselling services.”

Bigmoose’s profits go into three sectors:


Help for the homeless began through volunteering at a Cardiff homeless shelter in 2014, providing hot food and drinks. After two years of this, Jeff and Chloe Smith decided they needed to make a lasting change to the homeless community in Cardiff and set up their cafe.

Mental Health

They hold mental health awareness evenings with speakers and encourage their audience to start and continue conversations.

Suicide prevention

Through providing free and discounted counselling, Bigmoose aims to reduce the number of deaths by suicide in the local area.

For more information, head over to their website