Photos show the damage caused by Cardiff City fans to the Ashton Gate toilets. (Photos: The Away Ends)

Cardiff City to pay repair costs after losing fans damage toilets at Ashton Gate

Bristol police investigating after video emerges of vandalism in the away end

CARDIFF City has offered to pay for repairs after their fans damaged the Ashton Gate toilets at their game against Bristol City over the weekend.

Photos and video footage began circulating on social media after the Bluebirds lost the away match 3-2 on Saturday, January 22.

They show panels ripped from the ceilings and walls, wires hanging from the walls, and insulation lying on the floor.

Video footage shows the damage being caused at Ashton Gate.

Bristol City has confirmed that Cardiff fans caused the damage, which occurred in the away end toilets at Ashton Gate.

In response, Cardiff City quickly offered to pay the repairs bill – it is not yet clear how much this will be.

Bristol police are investigating. 

A spokesperson for Avon and Somerset police said: “A police investigation has been launched following a report of criminal damage to toilets at Ashton Gate Stadium on Saturday, January 22. No arrests have yet been made.

“We’d ask anyone with information that could assist our inquiry to contact police on 101, quoting reference 5222018809.”

Ashton Gate stadium. (Photo: Lewis Clarke)

Cardiff City saw close to 2,500 supporters at the away match on Saturday.

Representatives of Cardiff City have condemned the damage caused by a small group of their fans. 

Keith Morgan, chair of Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust, said: “This is totally unacceptable behaviour by a small, mindless minority of Cardiff City fans that will now land Cardiff City with a bill at a time when finances are already tight.

“We apologise to Bristol City Football Club for the damage caused. We can assure them that it is not the way the overwhelming majority of Bluebirds supporters behave when attending games.

“We hope those idiots that caused the damage are brought to book both in the way of court action and by a ban from going to all football matches.”

A representative from the Bristol City Supporters Club and Trust said: “We appreciate the response from Cardiff City, at club and supporter level, that reinforces what we already knew: that Cardiff City are a proud family club. We appreciate the words and actions of the vast majority of Cardiff City officials and thank them.”

They added: “If the consequences that your actions have on your club and your own supporters don’t matter to you, you need to know that the level of CCTV surveillance is exceptionally good in and around Ashton Gate and that the club and the Police will make you responsible for your actions if you choose not to take that personal responsibility.”

Photos circulating on social media show the damage to the toilets.

Supporters on both sides spoke out on social media against the fans who caused the damage.

Rob, 45, from Bristol, who did not want his surname used, said: “It is disgusting, and clubs need to be issuing significant bans to people that do this. 

“I watch football with my 11-year-old boy and idiots such as this bring the game into disrepute. I know all clubs have their idiots, but they need to know it is not okay.”

Steve Poole, 36, from Carmarthenshire, said: “I think it’s disgusting. Football fans should go and watch football. Destructive behaviour like this from any group of fans should result in some sort of punishment. 

“There should definitely be match bans for the fans in question and possibly point deductions or fines. Point deductions will definitely hurt fans and possibly prevent this kind of action from happening.”