The first crossing at the Station Road and Evansfield Road site. Image credit: Lucy Evans

Residents pleased ‘nightmare’ Llandaff North junction to get ‘simple’ zebra crossing

Cardiff Council is trialling the crossings at two Llandaff North locations and one in Whitchurch

RESIDENTS say they are pleased at Cardiff Council’s plans to trial ‘simple’ zebra crossings in Llandaff North as locals claim “something definitely needs to be done”. 

Two Llandaff North sites and one Whitchurch village location have been chosen for the trial.  

The “busy” junction of Station Road and Evansfield Road is one of the planned sites for the simple zebra crossings. The site will have two simple zebra crossings, due to be installed in the week beginning November 21.

The second proposed crossing location at Station Road and Evansfield Road. Image credit: Lucy Evans

The crossings – referred to as ‘simple’ zebra crossings will have the black and white markings and the give way lines of a standard zebra crossing.

However, they will not have illuminated beacons, tactile paving and zig-zag road markings. 

A statement from Llandaff North Labour has said the Welsh Government-funded crossings are intended to act as “indicative crossing points”.

Llandaff North resident Emma Jones said she was pleased that a simple zebra crossing has been planned for the junction, which is close to four nearby schools.

“I think it would be a good idea because it’s a nightmare trying to get across here and a lot of people park in this area when they shouldn’t so, yes, I think it will be good,” said Ms Jones. 

“A lot of kids come down this way back and forth to school.” 

Both Whitchurch High School and Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Glantaf are a short walk away, as are Hawthorn Primary School and the Cardiff Steiner School.

Resident Nicky Oliver agreed that measures were needed due to the volume of schoolchildren who use the route. 

“They should have something here,” said Ms Oliver. “It is a busy area generally with the school kids and everything. The school is just up by there.”

Another crossing will be trialled at the junction between Station Road and Hawthorn Road East in Llandaff North, close to Hawthorn Primary and Steiner.

The proposed crossing site by Station Road and Hawthorn Road East. Image Credit: Lucy Evans

George Deane, who works next to the junction at card and balloon shop Party Central said: “I would say it’s definitely needed because it’s so dangerous around here. Whether or not it would be safer, I would have to see it in person.” 

Mr Deane continued: “But something definitely does need to be done. The traffic around here and the parking is awful.” 

However, some residents feel that the simple zebra crossings may not solve the problem without the features of a standard zebra crossing.

“I don’t agree with it myself. I think there should be proper markings, proper pedestrian crossings,” said Paul Pulvirenti.

However, Mr Pulvirenti continued: “I suppose half measures is better than no measures at all.”

Llandaff North resident Sam Hindle had concerns about the visibility of the proposed Station Road and Evansfield Road crossing. 

“There’s lots of kids that cross there for the school and stuff so it’s a good idea but whether anyone will take notice because it’s right on the bend… and that makes life harder,” Ms Hindle said. 

However, the simplified features of the crossing mean that it is possible to install the crossings directly across the junction on the desired walking line, according to Cardiff Council. 

A spokesperson for Cardiff Council commented: “The simplified design requirements, in particular not including illuminated beacons, would also reduce the implementation and maintenance costs of providing new crossings.” 

Cardiff Council has said that the installation of the crossings is expected to take a day in each location but effort will be made to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum. 

Cameras are currently in place to monitor how people use the sites before and after the crossings have been installed, a statement from Llandaff North Labour has said.  

Whether the crossings remain at the sites depend on the outcome of the trial.