Councillor Sean Driscoll planting trees with local residents. Photo credit: Sarah Dalton

First trees planted in Danescourt under scheme to make Cardiff greener

The move has been welcomed in an area that is attractive to housing developers

DANESCOURT residents welcomed volunteers who planted the first trees in the area under the Coed Caerdydd programme.

The trees, planted on Timothy Rees Close and around the disused pond on Jevan Close, are a mix of hazel, birch, alba, oak, beech and a rowan, all native species.

“We are going to lose our local woodland that was so important during lockdown.” Photo credit: Sarah Dalton.

Councillor Sean Driscoll, who pulled his gloves on to get stuck in, said it was important that the planting programme came to Danescourt as the area faces more potential development. 

“We know that we need more social housing and affordable housing, but when the council are building less than a kilometre away on 900 acres, people are saying ‘well look we are going to lose the local woodland that was so important during lockdown’,” said Coun Driscoll, referring to a planning application submitted for Radyr Woods. 

“It’s important that we plant as many trees locally as we can,” he added, at the event on November 18. 

“Every year, Cardiff trees remove around 10.5% of pollutants emitted from Cardiff’s traffic,” said Cabinet Member for Culture, Parks and Events Jennifer Burke-Davies.

Manchester-based TSK Group, which has a large construction site in No 1 Callaghan Square in the city centre, sent representatives to help offset its carbon footprint. 

“As a considerate constructor it’s really important that we’re giving a bit back” said two representatives from TSK Group, who described Danescourt as “a cosy corner of Cardiff”. 

A new tree, planted on Timothy Rees Close by residents and volunteers. Photo credit: Sarah Dalton.

Christopher Engel, lead officer for Coed Caerdydd, and volunteer Chloe Jenkins, said Danescourt was an obvious area to plant in. 

“We take suggestions from Cardiff locals and we’ve had a lot of requests to look at Danescourt and Radyr Woods because of possible housing development. One of our aims for this year is to make sure that we’re getting something in every single ward in Cardiff.” 

Plans have been made for Coed Caerdydd to return to Danescourt on Thursday February 9, 2023 to plant trees by the Danescourt play area and on Beale Close. 

Coed Caerdydd launched in December 2021 as part of Cardiff Council’s One Planet climate change strategy. It aims to increase Cardiff’s tree cover by a third by 2030. Until last week, the programme had never planted trees in Danescourt.