Photo courtesy of Rhiwbina resident Vicki Benedict

‘It could have hit a child’: Lorry collides with pedestrian barrier in Rhiwbina

Residents call for rail bridge repair as crash highlights problems caused by diverted traffic

MORE than 260 residents have called for the immediate repair of a Caerphilly Road railway bridge, after a rerouted lorry crashed into a pedestrian barrier at Rhiwbina’s main junction. 

Residents say heavy goods vehicles, rerouted due to a new weight restriction on the Transport for Wales-managed bridge, have caused many problems at the already congested intersection. They believe that Transport for Wales is not doing enough to address the issue.

Resident Vicki Benedict started a petition that collected 261 signatures, calling for action from TfW.

“Instead of counting sheep when I go to sleep, I count lorries. They keep me awake at night,” said Ms Benedict, who lives on Pen y Dre, on the corner of the junction.

“I work nights. I can hear the lorries from my bedroom window all through the night, and it can continue until six am. I’ve lived in Rhiwbina for 27 years. It’s not on.”

The junction through which the lorries have been rerouted is a commercial and residential hub. Rhiwbina Primary School is close by, and Pantbach Road and Beulah Road are home to many of the area’s shops.

Ms Benedict is also concerned over the safety of pedestrians after a lorry collided with a pedestrian barrier on Wednesday, November 16.

“That could’ve been a child,” she said. “My mother uses a walking aid and a wheelchair. She crosses that junction pretty much every day. It’s dangerous, and a really big worry.”

The busy intersection where the redirected HGVs are causing problems.

Rhiwbina councillor Adrian Robson said: “It’s dangerous. It’s a narrow road here. We need Transport for Wales to repair the bridge as urgently as possible.

“It’s caused a lot of problems at rush hour. We’ve had cars queuing. You just get a huge amount of traffic.

“Normally the lorries are directed through other routes, so we need TfW to really push through with the repairs needed to remove the weight limit.”

The weight-restricted Caerphilly Road bridge over Birchgrove station, awaiting repair.

Ms Benedict said TfW had promised repairs would begin in the spring, but residents think this response is inadequate.

They plan to hold a meeting in Rhiwbina Community Centre on December 6 to discuss plans for further action.

Transport for Wales is yet to respond to a request for comment, and confirmation on the proposed repair date.