Cardiff Magistrates' Court. Credit: Alfie Reynolds

‘I’m going to kill you,’ angry dad told neighbour in heated row outside their homes

The dad’s three children were sitting in a car nearby, Cardiff Magistrates Court heard

A ST MELLONS father told his neighbour that he was going to “kill him” in a dispute outside their homes, a court heard.

Fabio Petrosillo, of Westonbirt Close, was silent when he appeared in Cardiff Magistrates Court on January 31, pleading guilty to a public order offence.

Prosecutor Gregory Wood told the bench how, on October 20, 2022, Petrosillo held up a 3ft long licence plate holder – which goes on the front of a car – and told his neighbour, named in court as Mr Salah: “You see this, it’s going to go over your ****ing head.”

Petrosillo’s three children were in the car at the time, he added.

Defending Petrosillo, Nathan Jones, told the court how the defendant didn’t confront Mr Salah with a weapon, but that Mr Salah moved towards Petrosillo several times in a dispute which went on for two minutes.

Mr Jones also added that Petrosillo did not intend to harm Mr Salah.

“It was clear Mr Petrosillo was trying to avoid confrontation with the complainant but went wrong with his gesture,” said Mr Jones.

“The complainant should’ve walked away. He didn’t cover himself with glory.”

The court heard that Mr Petrosillo had been going through a difficult time, suffering a heart attack only eight weeks before the hearing. He was previously self-employed and used to run an LED business. However he is now unable to work due to his condition, the court heard.

Magistrate Julie Helen Johnson gave Petrosillo a conditional discharge of 12 months. He must not re-offend within this period, he was told.

The court fined Petrosillo £111, with a surcharge of £26 and £85 costs.