Cardiff Magistrates Court
Cardiff Magistrates Court

Arrested man suffers injuries in police station after fainting during blood test

Matthew Smalley was taken to the police station after being pulled over on Pentrebane Road, Cardiff

A FAIRWATER man left the police station with a black eye and broken glasses after fainting while giving a blood sample, a court has heard.

Prosecutor Kelly Rivers told Cardiff Magistrates Court that on November 6 last year, Matthew Smalley of Ashcroft Crescent was driving along Pentrebane Road when police stopped his car after seeing his vehicle had a rear light out.

Officers noticed Smalley, 32, had red eyes and smelt of cannabis. A roadside wipe test was conducted which tested positive for cannabis.

Smalley was subsequently taken to the police station for a blood sample which showed a reading of 9.8 micrograms of cannabis per litre of blood. The legal limit is two micrograms.

During the blood sample, Smalley fainted, hitting his face which gave him a black eye and broke his glasses, the court was told.

Smalley stood before Cardiff’s magistrates as he entered a guilty plea to driving under the influence of cannabis.

His lawyer, Chris Lacey, said his client “had brought it on himself”.

The court heard that Smalley had recently suffered a relationship break-up and occasionally used cannabis to de-stress himself.

Smalley had a previously clean record and was fully compliant with police during his arrest. All of his legal documents were in order when he was pulled over.

The court was told that a driving ban will have implications for Smalley as he travels the country by car due to his job as an audio technician.

Magistrate, Patricia Blackwell, handed Smalley a 12-month driving ban, the minimum disqualification for this offence and he was made to pay a total of £449. This includes a £260 fine, £85 in court costs and a £104 surcharge.