Rugby ball on leaves. Image Credit: M. Cooper

Rugby player gets 192-week ban for abusing match official

Fairwater sportsman given hefty punishment after physical abuse in a game against Llanharan

A FAIRWATER RFC player has been banned from rugby for 192 weeks for the physical abuse of a match official.

The player was handed a ban of over three years — the longest of the WRU season so far. The second highest recorded by the WRU was a 36-week ban given to a Tonyrefail player.

List of WRU red card offences this season. Image Credit: Welsh Rugby Union

The lengthy punishment came after the Fairwater player physically abused an official in a Division 3 East Central game against Llanharan on January 7, said the WRU.

“A player was ordered from the field of play for an act contrary to World Rugby Law 9.28 and was then charged and suspended for a breach – physical abuse of a match official,” said a spokesperson.

What rugby law did he break?

The player broke World Rugby Law 9.28, according to the WRU. This law outlines how players must behave when in contact with match officials and incudes:

  • Players not doing anything to disrespect the authority of an official
  • No verbal or physical abuse towards them
  • No threatening words or actions are to be made about them
  • No physical contact is to be made with them

A player can receive a ban ranging from 24 weeks to a lifetime for physically abusing an official. The Fairwater player’s 192-week ban sits at the severe end of this scale.

The WRU assess offences individually. However, if a player has been banned before they may receive a more severe punishment.

The union would not name the player as he plays for an amateur community team and is not a professional.

Fairwater RFC was approached about the ban and has declined to comment.