Eighty tonnes of rubbish moved out of ‘disturbing’ fly-tipping spot – flats to move in

The site had accumulated 50-80 tonnes of waste, says Cardiff Council

RESIDENTS and by-passers are pleased with the new plans for East Bay Close after watching the huge piles of waste build up over the last year.

The land, near the Magic Roundabout, had become a vast dumping ground with residents also complaining about drug use and homeless people living there.

Cardiff Council estimates that anywhere between 50 and 80 tonnes of waste has been removed from the site which is set to be transformed by new housing.

Charlotte Davies, who works at Sunbelt Rentals Plant & Tools next to the site, had watched the fly-tipping on the land worsen over the last 10 months. She described the site as a “health risk.”

Image taken before the waste was cleared.

Tremorfa resident Paulo Machado, who walks past the dumping ground every day for work, describes the plans to build flats on the site as “brilliant” and “good news.”

“For me that space there is a waste of space,” he said.

“From the middle of last year, I realised it started growing and growing and growing. I asked myself, ‘How have they managed to put all the rubbish there?’ I could see sofas; I could see fridges – people threw everything there.

“It is disturbing, I am glad it’s changing.”

The land is now set to be transformed into 365 homes, built by CNM Estates.

An artist’s impresison of how the new housing development will look: Credit, CNM Estates
After the waste had been cleared.
Before the waste had been cleared.

Because the site is privately owned it was not the responsibility of the council to clear the debris. The council does, however, own the access point to the site.

Cardiff Council worked with the landowner to get the site cleared and in the middle of January the site was secured by the landowner to prevent vehicle access.

CCTV cameras were also put in place on the access road to prevent any future fly-tipping.