Warman pleaded guilty to both charges.

Pontprennau mothers’ parking row ends with racist jibes which were caught on camera

The war of words alluded to one family’s ethnicity and the other’s auburn hair

A PONTPRENNAU mother has been ordered to pay her neighbour £26 after months of squabbles over parking spaces culminated in an ugly war of words.

Lucy Warman, 32, threatened to “smash” her neighbour Jeanette Allen’s camera and said that she had “black grandchildren coming out her ****ing arse”.

Warman, who has an “auburn-haired” child, alleged that Ms Allen said: “I’d rather my children were black than ginger.”

The incident happened on September 25, 2022, on Skibereen Close.

Ms Allen provided footage from the camera to prosecutors at Cardiff Magistrates’ Court which included audio of the hostile exchange.

The court heard how Allen had frustrated Warman with “minor” things in the months before the incident, including blocking her driveway.

“It was always something minor,” duty solicitor Chris Cormack told the court.

Warman threatened to “smash” her neighbour’s camera.

Mr Cormack described Warman’s comments as “spur of the moment,” saying they involved no planning or premeditation – and that Ms Allen’s family were not actually black.

He said that Warman has been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and continues to suffer the disadvantages of her upbringing.

“In these situations, often the first to call the police is the winner,” Mr Cormack said.

Warman pleaded guilty to threatening to damage property and using racially aggravated words causing distress.

Magistrate James Thomas ordered Warman to pay £26 to Ms Allen and £85 in prosecution costs.

The neighbourly disputes have not dissipated since the incident in September, the court heard.