British Heart Foundation shop closure is a loss to the Canton community

The Cowbridge Road East store has closed after 13 years

The closure of the BHF Furniture and Electrical store on Cowbridge Road East has left a hole in the high street.

Previously a Woolworths, the store sold much-needed second-hand furniture.

Now, there is speculation about the future of the empty unit. Sainsbury’s had been rumoured to be moving in, but this has been denied by the supermarket chain. Senior Communications Manager for Property at Sainsbury’s, Duncan Kennedy confirmed there were “no plans to open a new store” in the unit.

Riverside councillor and Cabinet Member for Climate Change, Caro Wild, explained that Cowbridge Road East is a “really important district shopping centre which has had some problems with anti-social behaviour.”

In recent years, pockets of the area and nearby Riverside have struggled with being revitalised, and there have been problems with drug use and dealing on the vibrant Tudor Lane.

Coun Wild said it is “a shame to see the BHF store close”.

Sharon Davies, area manager for British Heart Foundation, said the charity was sad to say goodbye to the store. She said of the closure: “After 13 years of business, our lease has come to an end, and sadly, our home store at 136 Cowbridge Road East has now closed. With three other BHF shops and stores in Cardiff, there are still many ways to get involved and help fund lifesaving research.”

Charity furniture stores are a resource for individuals and families on lower incomes, providing low-priced, good quality items. The loss of the Cowbridge Road East store is disappointing news for an area of Cardiff which struggles with deprivation. According to the 2019 Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation, the Cowbridge Road store itself sits on the border of the 14th most deprived area of Cardiff out of 214 areas.  

Currently, there are no future plans for the building and it has been left empty and unused.