Some residents fear traffic chaos when three schools merge in Fairwater

Construction work on new Cantonian Site. February 2024. Credit: William Rogers

Concern over delays on major routes through area

RESIDENTS in Fairwater are concerned the area won’t be able to cope with the extra traffic created when three schools merge at the Cantonian site.

Cardiff Council last week revealed its latest artist’s impressions of the campus, which will also house pupils from Woodlands and Riverbank special schools, currently on Vincent Road in Caerau.

Riverbank School (left) and Woodlands School (right). Credit: William Rogers

However, some residents continue to worry that the 350 extra pupils coming to the Fairwater Community Campus site will further delay traffic leaving Fairwater every morning.

Resident Laura Atkinson, who has lived just off St Fagans Road for over a decade, said: “The traffic lights don’t let enough people through so it is always gridlocked on St Fagans Road and Western Avenue.”

Ms Atkinson highlighted her difficulties with the traffic, saying: “I cannot wait for my kids to leave school so I can leave the area. Fairwater just does not have the infrastructure for it.

“St Fagans is gridlocked by 7.30am. My daughter has to leave at 7.15am to do the five miles to Cardiff and Vale College.

“My other son has speech issues and his taxi leaves for Allensbank Primary School in Roath and I often do not know whether he has arrived on time.”

The new school campus falls between Fairwater Road and St Fagans Road the two major routes in the area.

Fairwater and Waungron Park train stations are nearby, with two trains passing through every hour during the week.

Crossroads of Waungron Road and Western Avenue (left) and St Fagans Road (right). Credit: William Rogers

Fairwater resident June Cecilia said: “Driving in the area has been getting harder and harder, especially as there is not enough parking.

She hopes the new plans and impressions don’t change without consultation and the council keeps the drop-off turning circle.

However, Alex Dutton, who lives next to the school, said it has had very little effect on his daily life.

Amy Daniel Mort, who attended Cantonian school from 2007-2012 and still lives in the area, said the changes would bring too many children to the area.

“There is more traffic than ever before. That is not the same Cantonian that I remember,” she said.

Resident Claire Venables added: “They have not thought about the added traffic onto a single carriageway.”

Fairwater Community Campus is due to open by the end of 2025, with the whole site ready by autumn 2026. First Minister Mark Drakeford was among those who attended the ground-breaking ceremony, praising the “inspirational and modern learning environment”.