40 cars have tyres slashed in ‘senseless’ vandalism rampage in Roath

Residents of Moy Road say more than 40 cars were attacked on Wednesday night

RESIDENTS say more than 40 cars had their tyres slashed on Wednesday night with victims including the disabled, families and students.

People living on Moy Road in Roath were amongst those affected by the “senseless” crimes with each car owner having to pay around £100 for a replacement tyre.

Four examples of the tyres that were slashed on Wednesday night.

Sheikh Rahman woke up on his 31st birthday to a slashed tyre, which prevented him from driving his son to school and driving to planned birthday celebrations.

He was most concerned, as a father of two, aged 11 months and four years, that there are people walking around at night in possession of sharp objects capable of cutting “so easily” through thick rubber.

“Imagine if whoever it was out there vandalising the cars got confronted by a resident. What if they turned on that person with the weapon?,” he said.

“At the very least it shows there are people out there walking around in possession of knives and sharp objects, which is especially concerning when you have young kids in the house.

“I have lived here for 15-plus years, and this is the worst case we have seen. I counted 25 cars targeted just on my side of the road yesterday.”

Moy Road pictured on Thursday afternoon.

Other residents have complained that they had needed to employ a mobile tyre service to come and replace their damaged tyres, costing them more than £100 each during a cost-of-living crisis.

“In the end we managed to get someone to come and sort a new tyre for £110 each,” said student Elli-Mai Rudd.

“It did upset me as I work hard trying to juggle working alongside university, having to pay for a crime committed against me is quite frustrating.”

Some residents have suggested blocking off the steps down to Moy Road from Crwys Road at night to prevent similar incidents happening again. However Councillor Sue Lent has said that this would not be possible due to the amount of people who use the steps.

These are the stairs down to Moy Road off Crwys Road.

South Wales Police say they have received numerous reports this week of criminal damage to vehicles on Moy Road, Roath, Cardiff, and surrounding areas.

“The incident is being investigated and enquiries are on-going,” said a spokesperson for South Wales Police.

“We understand that being a victim of car crime is upsetting, costly and an inconvenience. It’s particularly distressing when you are a repeat victim.

“Anyone who has information or footage which could help identify those responsible, is asked to please contact South Wales Police quoting occurrence 2400060818.”